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The Business Scenario of the New Normal – Shailesh Rajpal

After the introduction of the new normal people all around the world have to undergo a transition and bring about some specific changes in their daily routines and so, have the business have been expected to as the same. Many of the businesses were destroyed, but many fought the catastrophic situation and came up with great ideas that not only assured their survival, rather also ensured their expansion with time and when the situations get better. The businesses all around this mapped globe are opting for the hybrid way of operation, neither the fully physical or offline nor the online method of operations. A hybrid method of business operations can be defined as the way of doing business in which the positive elements of the offline, as well as online methods of doing business, are actively involved for making the business organization successful in both the positive as well as negative situations that are encountered. The business nowadays is taking the physical exchange system to technically online as well as digitally, which has resulted in a tremendous increase in the marketplace competitions. So, what are the factors that the businesses are significantly changing to survive the new normal?

There are many of the elements of the new normal that are readily adapted by the modern-day business, as the philosophy behind it is that the elements will directly as well as indirectly help them to achieve the expansion as well as prosperity goals of their organizations. The elements are briefly listed below: -

Many of the organizations are accepting online transactions through UPI and other payment gateways that support the transaction of money easily, for instance, net banking.

The business has integrated their work online as they have built their websites that will help them to take the order online and can give a follow-up to their client digitally.

The meetings are held virtually rather than physically face to face through various video conferencing platforms like Zoom Meetings, Cisco Webex, Google Meet, etc.  

The facts that are explained above completely declare that most of the businesses have accepted the new normal positively.  


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