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How it works

Creating a Professional Resume

Export and Send

Once your content is complete, you can export your resume in PDF form, from the free resume builder. Your latest version is saved and you can always go back to make edits.

Optimize Your Content

Each resume template is organized into major content sections. You can add or remove specific sections based on your needs.

Choose a Resume Layout

You get to choose between several design options with our selection of free resume templates. This helps you match your resume to the type of company and position you want.

Register in Happiest

It only takes a couple of seconds to start using our online resume builder. The resume creator is offered completely through our website, meaning there is no software to download.

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Benefits of using a happiest resume builder

A creative, professional layout can grab a recruiter's attention. Our resume layout optimizer makes sure all your content is aligned and organized so your resume looks like a work of art.

Free Beautiful Resume Templates

Use the Basic/Free account to create a modern resume.

Design and Functionality

Easily change or add design elements to your resume, including colors and fonts, to give it a creative edge.

Online Access and Synchronization

Your resume is saved in your online account for you to access and update anytime, from anywhere.

Save Time and Money

When you use the free resume maker, you save yourself the trouble of creating a resume from scratch.

Data Protection

All of your personal information and saved resumes are protected with high online security measures.

Live View Mode

You can see how your complete resume looks as you fill in the content sections, giving you the full picture all the time.

Happiest Resume Builder

Create beautiful, professional resumes in minutes

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